Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twas a dingy old laundry room...

Ok, so our house was built in 1960 so there are parts of it *cough* paneling *cough* that are seriously outdated. We've made a decent amount of progess in updating it and I'm sad now that I haven't actually kept up with before and after pictures more until now. Almost the entire house has had a new paint job (or three...), we've refinished the this-could-possibly-be-a-spare-bedroom that was seriously lacking any bedroom cozy qualities, new hardware on the kitchen cabinets, couple new light fixtures, a complete landscape job, misc. knick knacks things here and there etc.

To the point: There is the laundry/utility room. It's bland, it's dirty, it's gray concrete floor. It's like my least favorite room in the entire house. Or at least it was.


See what I mean? It was less than stellar. So some self-stick tile (not as easy as you would think it is), a can of recycled paint that used to be in my living room before I decided it was overpowering, and a small can of "Muted Ebony" paint for the stairs that can't be tiled turned that into...


I love. I really like gray & blue together and the pop of life it gives the room.

Seriously, I could spend more money in Lowe's in one trip that I could spend on clothes in 5 years.

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