Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nobody wants a Muffin Top.

I must be crazy for putting this on a public blog....

I'm in the process...again...of losing weight. My highest weight (235, eek!) was about 2 years ago. Through diet/excercise, I dropped 30 lbs in 6 months. Then I got pregnant with Zeke; fortunately I was able to keep my weight gain to 30 lbs. I have been able to drop all of that weight and was left at 205 lbs.

I'm back to dieting/excercise because my goal is to lose 40 more pounds. 50 would be nice.

No extravagant diet plan here, I am just keeping my calories around 1300 a day. If I screw up? Tomorrow's another day. As for excercise...can anyone say ZUMBA? I LOVE this. I am attending as often as I can between work & Zeke. Just started a couple weeks ago, though. I am proud to say that I have been six times now and have lost 3 lbs. I know that's not alot but it's a definate start.

NOW: 202
GOAL: 160

Before and After pictures? Eh, maybe.

I intend to record my progress, including weight, weekly on this blog. (I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind.)

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