Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Workin' Momma

Zeke's first day of daycare was Monday. I think I handled it well and he was such a trooper! He threw his paci in the backseat on the way there and I didn't realize it until well after I dropped him off so not only did he do well at his first day in a strange place away from Mommy but he did it without his paci! (He was eager to be reunited with it though) Mommy is so proud of her big boy :) Today is day #2 and I bet I miss him more than he misses me.

I enjoy working. I really like being busy in general. (Don't get me wrong...I have days where I don't feel like getting out of my pj's and nights where I totally veg out on the couch once Zeke's asleep...) So when I got pregnant it was never a question of whether I would stay home or work because I knew I wanted to work. I worked up until 3 days before my induction date (with some super swollen feet!) and came back 4 weeks after Zeke was born. It was a lot to adjust to and I got overwhelmed very quickly. So, I took the winter off work. I thought I would have been stir crazy and dying to go back to work but this is one of those things that end up changing I suppose. I REALLY enjoyed my time off. I think it was one of the best choices of my life. Now that I've returned to work we will have some adjusting to do. 40 hours of work a week, plus my photography, plus being a mommy, and the day to days of running the household. SHEW! I'm ready for it though :)

(Maybe this will help me drop the 40 lbs. I'm goaling for.)

I can safely say that I think once we have kid #2 (not in the immediate future, yet), I will enjoy staying at home with my children.

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