Friday, April 8, 2011

"Extreme" Couponing *sigh*

I don't know how many of you coupon. I do. I may not be a coupon queen or anything but I'm convinced couponing is an art. Sure it takes time, but if it saves me even $5 off a grocery bill then it's worth it. To me a coupon = cash.

I've heard about this Extreme Couponing reality show on TLC. I have yet to watch it but have followed some of the reviews on it. Apparantly, it showcases couponers to be "extreme" (kinda nutso) about couponing. (You know, it's one of those life scenarios where they show a few extreme cases and that's how most people assume everyone who particpates in that is)  I, for one, really dislike it when a few people in any particular group negatively affect the views of a whole group. I can assure you that almost all people who coupon do not buy 69 packages of meat and 40 boxes of cereal. In my opinion, that's borderline hoarding.

Anyways, I got the following article through an e-mail and found it to be a very good read. I must heavily agree with the gal who wrote it. I thought it was worth a read.

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