Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Chair meet New Fabric

Our kitchen table, which has ended up being my craft table, was just a basic $100ish table from WalMart. (wood top, wrought iron legs, basic wrought iron/off white upholstered chairs). In the process of things, I painted the top black to give it a little change; however the chairs were still lacking in general. Thanks to a littlefabric from Hobby Lobby, I got myself some look-at-me colorful chairs!

I swear I have high resolution files somewhere. *sigh*

It was super easy.

A: I unscrewed the seats off the legs.
B: Placed the seats face down on top of the fabric
C: Stretched the fabric tight and used my (borrowed) staple gun to attach the fabric to the seats (Make sure to pull tightly and you'll need to fold the corners)
D: Reattach seat to leg frame


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