Saturday, April 16, 2011

So I said to myself...

The lack of blogging this week is due to, for lack of better words, a horrid week. Not that I'm usually a negative person or actually even really feel negative in general but let's just break this down:

Sunday - Come home to an 81 degree house. Assume ancient heat pump needs servicing.
Monday - Wake up with a nasty head cold/sinus thing. Work. Have guy come out to the house to work on heat pump. Find out that we have to replace it. Freak out for the remainder of the afternoon. Spend the evening with Noah & Zeke and do a little gardening to make me cheer up.
Tuesday - Wake up at 6am with a stomach bug. Miserable. Miserable. Miserable. Call in sick. The previous day's weeding in the garden has also caused my eyes to swell, splotch, & turn red. I look god awful. I spend the day in bed (I suppose in it's own way that was a plus, actually).
Wednesday - Today is my off day. Wake up feeling 80% normal. Take Zeke to daycare and run a hundred errands. Get a second opinon on heat pump. And a $5300 estimate. *gulp* The rest of the day is fairly normal. Instead of being really hot, the house is now like 65 and now we're cold.
Thursday - Go back to work. Serious network/register/internet issues. Everything is messed up. Have sister pick up Zeke from daycare and send him to Mom's for awhile. Work a 10.5 hour shift without actually fixing anything. Go the the grocery store. Finally get to pick up Zeke and get to bed at 1am.
Friday - Work. Same issues as day before. Zeke ends up spending the night with Noah's parents. Work about another 10 hours.

We're to Saturday now. Thankfully, work issues are mostly resolved. I get to spend late afternoon through tomorrow with Zeke. (I miss the little booger.) I feel totally better and the weather is pretty. :)

Of course, there were still many good things this week. Among them: at least I got some gardening done, it was lightning damage to the heat pump so at least we'll get some money to help fix it, I got to spend all day Tuesday sleeping, I got to sleep Friday night without having to wake up once, I probably boosted my weight loss by a couple pounds, I have groceries in the house, I have a great family who helps me out, and a hot nurse of a husband, and the sweetest baby boy anyone could ask for. Everyone has bad weeks and I guess this was just one of those weeks. It happens :)

I always have great comfort in knowing that God is always there and I just need to trust in Him.

Agenda for this weekend: some Zekey photos. Some artsy-fartsy time.

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