Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Book" shelves

I took this idea from Carly (who I think borrowed it from someone else, but you'll have to check hers out to see) See, we're recycling? ;)

The concept is using old books to create shelves. "Book" shelves. Hehe. I scored these from the thrift store for $3 and the brackets I bought from Lowes for relatively inexpensive.

Part of the reason I chose these particular books was because I liked the patterned covers.

  •  The brackets were a very bright silver so I painted them to blend into the wall. Someone said you can hang them on the brackets from the top and stack another book on top to hide the brackets.


    1. Really fun...I had seen a similar idea at an antique store a couple of years back and I keep forgetting to try it. Thanks for the reminder :)

    2. PS...I just read your notes at the bottom and one thing I just remembered was that the ones I saw had the L brackets on top instead of the botton and then they stacked another book on top to hide the bracket...pretty clever huh? Just thought I'd share :)


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