Monday, May 16, 2011

Musty stool no more.

I went antique store shopping for the first time awhile back. It seemed like a nice thing to do on a Sunday. There was an overwhelming wealth of items in both the stores I went to and unfortunately most of the stuff I really liked was out of my desirable price range. BUT I did find this musty smelling & stained old stool and the best part was it was only $11.

In a quick & simple "tutorial":

  • Unscrewed the seat from the frame 
  • Painted the frame with 2 coats of a gray semi-gloss I had laying around
  • Using an electric staple gun, I covered the stool with some extra fabric I had leftover from reinventing my buffet hutch 
  • Screwed the seat back onto the frame (The hubby had to stand on the frame while I screwed because it kept leaving a noticeable gap)
  • O, and as a nice touch, I sprayed the seat before I covered it with some Victoria's Secret spray

    Even better, it matches my buffet hutch very well.

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