Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

Past weekend: wonderful. I had 4 days off work, Nathan was in for a visit so we had a nice family weekend, & I even pulled off a nice cookout for Father's Day for a lot of us. (Including 7 kids 4 and under...yikes!)

Speaking of Father's Day, I was trying to find relatively inexpensive gifts and cards. One of the "mom blogs" I get e-mails from had something about Tiny Prints offering a code for a free card (I was a day late so I ended up with a different code and paid just .99 cents) The cards at Tiny Prints are awesome. I haven't checked out their other stuff but I got 3 cards that fit so well for each of my 'fathers'.

And to further my cheapness (hah), I made Noah some coupons. I was browsing online for ideas and ran across some of these that were very similar but I wanted them more personalized so I was able to recreate the look pretty close to what I found for the cost of cardstock I already had.

And of course, he got a Star Wars themed card.

It was an exhausting excellent Father's Day weekend.


  1. Love your coupons! Wish I had seen that card, awesome! BTW, are you still doing your Zumba? I started again this week, after a huge exercising hiata! So glad I am doing it again, makes me feel soooo good!

  2. Thanks :) ... I am still doing Zumba except the last couple weeks have been pretty busy so I've only gotten to go a couple times. Hoping that next week is a little more free to go!


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