Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Minute Fridays: Wonder

I got this from a blog I follow. She linked up & I thought I would try to do it as well.

I'm linking up at Gypsy Mama's Five Minute Friday...seems fun, you should try it too!


Little stuff: will I get a good parking spot at the grocery store? will Zeke be happy while I shop? will my luggage get lost on our plane ride? why do the bunnies keep eating my vegetables? Big stuff: am I being the best mother I can be? am I consistently showing God's love through myself & my actions? I also worry about Paranoid stuff like our plane crashing on the way to or from Jamaica and leaving Zeke without parents .. I know, morbid, right? Emotional stuff: what can I do to make a bigger impact in the world? how can I help others in my own way? what did I do to deserve such a beautiful, healthy baby boy? Curious stuff: how did God choose all the things he chose to create? and just why do Zeke's toes fascinate him? better yet, why does he ignore me when I say no? what is the purpose of 'shooting stars'...why can't they just stay in the sky?

Sometimes I wonder (haha) if I do more wondering than rational thinking during the course of a day.


  1. I love how you broke it down into catagories.
    And dont think you are morbid...every mother thinks about the plane crash stuff. You are totally normal there.

  2. Love this! The categories remind me of the way I think. Random, sometimes scary, and hardly rational. :) So glad I found you!

  3. Oh, is that cloth I see on your son's bum? ;)

  4. Beautiful in it's honest. The random thoughts of all moms I would imagine ... I saw some of mine there.


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