Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love him forever.

When I was little, my mom read me 'Love You Forever' by Robert Munsch. Not just occasionally....we read it A LOT. It was my favorite book and subsequently when I saw it the other day I got all nostalgic feeling and decided I want it to be one of those books for Zeke . Of course, I didn't think about the fact I was a little older and currently he doesn't quite have the attention span for it yet since there's nothing bright and enticing about it.

Two of the pages fit so well right now. He's into EVERYTHING he can get his chubby little fingers on and sometimes he drives me up-the-wall-crazy. Every night before I go to bed I go in his room, make sure he's laying comfortable, rub his back, and tell him I love him.

O, how I love him.

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