Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello Fall. For a day.

The temperature Tuesday? Ahmaaaaaazing.

Zeke picked up the hand/foot/mouth virus god-knows-where that was confirmed after I took a very grumpy baby to the after hours clinic this weekend. Since the virus is (mostly harmless) but highly contagious, we had to stay home for a few days.

I probably could have taken him back to school yesterday but I wasn't sure so we skipped work & school and spent the day outside. I figured some good fresh air would clear up whatever was left. (A good reason why I don't have a medical degree.)

It was not hot, not cold, not cloudy, not too sunny outside. It was perfect.

We attempted a photo shoot. I got lots of crawling out of a suitcase (not exactly what I was going for) and some funky-tonguestickingout-glazed eye shot.

Of course, I still think they are adorable.

Other than that, we played on the swingset (I really want to get one for the house now.) crawled in the grass and spent the day being goobers.


He's my baby goober BFF.

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