Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We've needed wanted a new couch for a few years. I thought about putting a picture of it up but I think I'll wait until I can stomach the embarrassment.

Ok, really, I'm being a turd. It's not that bad. It's a lot better than other people have. It's just that it's a pale plaid and that's covered up with an improperly fitting slipcover, and I put the cushions back in 1,657,002 times twice a day.

Point being, hot stuff and I had a date day (yes, date day...it's what the cool parents do) yesterday and on that date we decided to go look at sectionals. Since our living room is rectangle, the sectional would provide the most seating while maximizing space. We've been planning on purchasing one this year for our Christmas present to each other.

We checked out the typical chain furniture stores and weren't ready to "settle" for one simply because it was affordable. (most of them were bordering $2,000 and up.)  We decided to go check out a furniture store downtown. There we found the perfect sectional.
It wasn't too hard, too soft, too ugly, or cheaply made. I love the fabric, I love the color, I love the chaise lounger. I didn't love the original price and I would have never spent that much money on a couch...or an entire bedroom suite. Fortunately for us, they are downsizing to one local store so they are shutting this particular location down and have marked everything down pretty darn steep.

We weren't exactly prepared to buy it right then so we stuck it on 90 day layaway so now we'll have it around Christmas time just like planned.

Until then, she waits here:

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