Friday, August 26, 2011

Older. {five minute friday}

Five Minute Friday pause with Gypsy Mama. Todays topic: Older.


Older. My sweet baby is almost not a baby anymore. He getting older so fast. Not as much in an aging sense but a life sense. He's no longer my little squishy baby who just lays there and stares at me in adoration. The older he gets the less he "needs" me. He climbs, runs, talks, and is developing his own personality. He is growing, growing, growing.

I'm losing my little baby to older and gaining a smart little boy.


  1. What a preciously smart "little boy" you have there. SO thankful you see the blessing in "older".
    Beautiful post-

  2. He just needs you in different ways now . . . little boys always need their mamas. Very sweetly written.


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