Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Target love.

I love Target for several reasons. Reasonable prices? check. Decent selection? check. Excellent clearance finds? check. Good coupon policy? check.

Recently, I obsessively stalked the clearance toy aisles because rumor was they have a giant toy markdown end-ish of July where they take most clearance toys down to 70% off. I stalked and stalked...and stalked. Of course, the ONE day I couldn't stop by, they marked down the toys. At all three local locations. *sigh* Since the other stalkers go there first, I missed out on quite a few things that I reaaaally wanted to get but 50% off wasn't enough to satisfy stingy inner frugal side.

Fortunately, I did find quite a few deals and managed to score $312.79 worth of toys for just $98.82.

Please ignore my plaid couch. It has a cover but it was in the wash. This Christmas we're getting each other a sectional.

Between this, a couple good online deals, & a good trip to Bath & Body works I am over halfway done with my Christmas shopping. When everyone else is frantically shopping, I will be sitting on my couch drinking hot cocoa and watching season 3 of the Vampire Diaries...or whatever other teenage show I find to follow. ;)

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  1. Great job! I am jealous...Christmas shopping makes the season less fun and I wish I could manage to get it all done early!


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