Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zeke's Nursery.

Last night I realized I've never taken any pictures of Zeke's nursery. I also realized that before I know it, he'll have more of a 'big boy' room so I took pictures of his room. Nothing spectacular...more of a sentimental "I can't believe my sweet baby is turning into such a big boy" documenting.

I wanted something that would grow with him out of his 'little baby' phase and reflect 'boy'. Then was born the vintage baseball theme. I actually keep intending to get/make a cool vintage baseball type lamp but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I like the room's simple & not overwhelming or overdone.

I've got a few ideas for storage additions/wall hangings but I'm going to wait until his crib is turned into a toddler bed for that. Until then, here we are:

TA-DA. This is a door. Hah. The growth chart is a fabric stick on (said to be rip resistant and easy to apply) from Paper Coiterie. I got it in the mail last night and marked his height for the first time. *sniffle* The little hat rack is from the dollar aisle at Target and the hanging birds represent his nickname 'baby bird'.

 I should probably mention here that I got his furniture from Babies R US and got an excellent deal on it. And I think it's beautiful furniture.

No crib would be complete without a wrinkled comforter and a pillow pet. Yes, I let him sleep with pillows. He likes them.

Meet the multipurpose changing table. Best.changing.table.ever. I love the additional storage and the versatility of the dresser once they don't need to be changed on a table anymore.

 I like the fact that Zeke's clothes are so small that I can fold them up and put them in the drawers. Plus, I use the bottom drawers to store next seasons clothes & sheets. (Yes, I know my plant is pretty much dead.)

A great idea from my sister in law got me to have everyone sign the mat at Zeke's first birthday party. A great memento for when he's older.

I'm such a sap.


  1. I really wish I knew about the first birthday signing mat around the picture! such a great idea.

  2. I love his blanket. It looks vintage.


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