Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weigh in Monday (on Wednesday)

How many weeks has it been since I've done this?! Too many. Once we went to Jamaica, I just...stalled. I blame it 30% on my PCOS & 70% me. Maybe I should blame it on the Nutty Bars?

I've been able to maintain my weight but haven't lost anything. I'm assuming all this because I've been too scared to step on a scale in over a month. I'm still doing Zumba but I don't think that counts if I bake sweets 3x a week. (Last week's red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese glaze we're reaaaally good...) Seriously though, sometimes I think about moving in with the Keebler elves.

Does anything ever use a Wii Fit? I actually really enjoy it and I think that it totally counts as an exercise regimen. I can yoga, aerobics, & strength. I can even 'step' while watching TV. Unfortunately, the Wii Fit's choice of tearing you down encouragement is to tell me I am obese upon successful completion of weighing in. The Wii Fit has never had a Nutty Bar.

Onward we go!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my guest post at Carmella's! I'm a new follower! I'm on My Fitness Pal, too, and love it. I wrote about it a while ago: I need to do another update, though. I've also really been into jogging. Anywho...Nice to "meet" you!!


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