Monday, October 31, 2011

Zipper Pulls

A few months ago we had a random freak storm bordering on tornado (that's probably not a big deal for a lot of you but I live in East TN. We don't have tornadoes in East TN.) Either way, the only place it really damaged was Hobby Lobby & it was bad enough to have to shut down for a few months. *sniffle* ... BUT, they reopened last week! *cheers*

So, I pulled out a few 'crafty' ideas I had found here  & there online. One of them was a tutorial on beaded zipper pulls. I've searched & checked my Pinterest but I cannot find the original gal who made them! Whoever you are, thanks for the idea!

(The picture looked less blurry when I viewed it on my camera screen.)

Before this, I had never worked on anything "jewelry like" so the two on the left were my first attempts and didn't turn out quite the same as the others. The last three I am pretty proud of. ;) The only thing I probably should have done was chose different large beads. These had a much larger center hole & therefore they stay centered on the headpin.

  • 2" headpin
  • larger bead
  • accent beads (I used two for each)
  • charms (if desired)
  • lobster clasp
  • 2 spring ring or jump ring (If you can find the spring rings, choose those. I'm worried the jump rings will eventually separate when pulled)
  • Wire/jewelry cutter
  • Small pliers
Here is what I did, you may differ depending on if you use charms or more beads.

1. Create a closed loop at the bottom of the headpin & slide on the first accent bead. Follow with the main bed & second accent bead.
2. Leave enough headpin at the top to create a loop in the above the top accent bead. Trim off excess wire & then create your loop.
3. Attach your spring ring/jump ring to your charm & then secure it to the bottom loop of the headpin.
4. Attach your lobster clasp to your spring ring/jump ring & then secure it to the top loop of the headpin.

Viola! I found this to be a relatively easy project, too. I should have invested in some small jewelry pliers to make the loops because my household pliers were a little too big & made that part tedious. I definitely plan on making more...these make great cute little gifts!


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  1. These are great! They could really spice up an item of clothing. I especially like the elephant zipper pull. I'd never seen anything like this, thanks for sharing this idea!


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