Friday, November 4, 2011


Technically last year was Zeke's first Halloween but really he just spent the time in his stroller & car seat so I'm gonna pretend like that doesn't count. This year I indulged him in some real "old school" trick or treating. Old school trick or treating classifies as real door to door goings. (Yes, I think trunk or treats are a wonderful thing and we did that the week leading up to but there still is something different about the door to door experience.)

Zeke was a bear. (Read: hand me down snowsuit and eyeliner painted nose and whiskers. Why whiskers? I may have gotten a little confused.)

Whiskers or no whiskers, he makes one cute critter. After about the first dozen houses, Zeke began to get how this trick or treating thing works.

1. Walk into stranger's house
2. Be pulled out of stranger's house
3. Grab candy (sometime he would say "pwees")
4. Say byebye
5. run away giggling

 It was fun to watch him. He's learning way to much too quickly. *sigh*

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