Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reasons Why it's OK to see Breaking Dawn.

Ok, I know there are pretty much two extreme sides of the "Twilight" fence. Those who A: love it and those who B: hate it. There also might be me a category in there of 'borderline obsessed-go to the midnight primere wearing a Breaking Dawn shirt" type.

Either way, you shouldn't be ashamed to see Breaking Dawn (or any of the other movies for that fact). Here are my top 10 reasons why:

1. Look around. That line for the movie at midnight? It's not full of pre-teens. Lots of middle aged & older women AND men are just as eager as you to see the movie. It's not like your a 20or30something yr old in an endless sea of preteens.

2. Taylor Lautner & his werewolf buddies shirtless. There is some serious respect to be had for fitness. Eclipse provided the hottest half naked bodies since the 300 came out.

3. Deep down inside there is some deep psychological trigger that the Twilight saga ignites in the majority of the female population. You just can't help it.

4. Who says vampires have to be ruthless, blood-sucking killers with no emotions? Change is nice. I mean, who doesn't kind of want the undying (no pun intended) devotion of a sexy vampire who's eternal love for you prevents him from giving into his deep rooted insticts eating you & destroying your soul.

5. Bella actually makes quite the inspiring heroine. Maybe not so much in the first few books with all the teenage hormones/angst but she's seriously ready to lay down her life for her life sucking parasite human/vamp baby (serious show of maternal love) and her family. (I think that treads into Part II stuff..)
6. From my understanding, the wedding totally blows Kim Kardashian's wedding out of the water. You gotta get some enjoyment out of that.

7. Just because you like the movie doesn't mean you can't laugh at the whole "sparking-in-the-sunlight" deal.

8. It's 2 hours where your so wrapped up in the movie (whether you love it or hate it) you forget about any other stress/problems in your life.

9. Guys: In the middle of the sappiness, there is some action. It's not like your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother is taking you to see The Notebook. (I may or may not have made that statement particularly for Noah who I know really enjoys the movies even if he doesn't come out and say it.)

10. There is lots of moral lessons to be learned. Edward wanting to save the whole "consummation" of the relationship for marriage, something not often seen today. The truce of vampires & werewolves who are bitter enemies. The overcoming power of love. Sacrifice. Contemplations on the real meaning of life & death.  ... Sure, you might have to look past some of the special effects and occasional stiffness of the acting but it's there.

I don't know which side your on but I can tell you that I will be standing in line in approximately 5 hours to see the first public showing. ;)

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