Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Refurbishing Friends: Help a Sister Out.

We had this standard laminate black entertainment center from Walmart that once upon a time went with my decor & my tiny couch. We had been planning on getting a new couch so I began hunting for a new entertainment center as well. Out with the old, in with the new. Of course then  came along so it was time for some updating.I already knew what I wanted: a long dresser to turn into an entertainment center. I had searched & searched with no luck but finally I found & I bought this dresser off a local gal for $30 (I bartered some maternity clothing, too).

O wait. Who forgot to take a picture of the original dresser before any changes? I did. This will have to do. Note: the riveting football game on TV. Noah was probably rolling his eyes behind me for interrupting his view to take a picture.

It's a sturdy wood piece with outdated brass handles, some paint scuffs, & a couple dings. It also came with a glass top piece but wouldn't you know...I broke it. (That was fun to clean up.)

My efforts at transforming so far:

I've replaced the below handles with some simple oil rubbed bronze ones. 

I've removed the drawers in the top along with the rails/spacers. My intentions are to lay some self stick tile for the "flooring", cut a few large holes in the back for ventilation & cords to store our gaming systems/satellite box/surround sound control in it.

 What I need help with is the overall change of the finish. I'm having a mental block. If you need to see what the other side of my living room looks like see Betsy.

What do I do? Paint it? If so, what color? (I've already kicked white/black/baby blue/robin's egg blue/yellow out of the picture. My kitchen cabinets are green so that may be out, too. Unless it's a deeper green?)
I could restain it but honestly with a 18 month old in the house, I'm not sure I'm up for that. 

I could leave it I suppose.

See what I mean?! I would LOVE some opinions. Pleeeease. :)

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