Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days and counting...

 We are halfway through our 24 Days of Kindness challenge. I hope everyone has been participating, encouraged, & blessed by this. I originally was going to post weekly on my kindness acts but I have decided to just wait until it's all over & do one post. I can say though that it has helped me think about others 100x more than I usually do & I have been so happy to spend the Christmas season helping others in small ways.

I wanted to share an encouraging act of kindness that my lovely friend Carmella has posted. In a small way, this all started from the 24 Acts of Kindness challenge I have shared but God has really blessed Carmella to make it so special by turning a necklace into a coat. Actually, as the last couple days have passed it seems that that has turned into at least 3 coats. Read it here!

So, please share some of your recent acts of kindness. I would really really like to here more!

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