Tuesday, December 27, 2011

24 Days of Kindness: Follow-Up

Alrighty kids, it's official Christmas is over. I'm a little sad because I love Christmas but it's been a very busy weekend & I'm kind of glad to get things back to normal.

As promised, I am doing a rundown of my 24 Days of Kindness. Unfortunately, I didn't quite complete all of the days. I got really bogged down the last few days before Christmas & I didn't try very hard. But hey...nobody's perfect & I'm completely happy with what I did accomplish. I think I'll do this every year...a new Christmas tradition that I can even do with the kids as they get a tid bit older.

1. I gave a Target coupon for a $10 giftcard when you spend $50 or more to a random lady.
2. I had a sick baby this day so we only left the house to get some medicine at Walgreens. I did manage to all the change I had on me into the Salvation Army bucket.
3. Again, sick baby so we didn't leave the house much and I didn't manage to do anything.
4. I put a couple of toys in the 'Toys for Tots' collection box @ Walgreens.
5. I gave my stepmother (who is a teacher) some extra couponing school supplies I had to use herself or to share with other teachers at her school. I also pushed an elderly lady's shopping cart back so she wouldn't have to.
6. I made a donation to Gospel for Asia. (I sponsor a child monthly through them and you can also donate "items" via monetary donation at Christmas time to bless a family.)
7. I used my pretty awesome couponing skills to help my Dad Christmas present shop. This might sound silly but the man has 8 grandkids and that's gets expensive quick.
8. While shopping I saw a lady who was struggling to get herself & her shopping cart out the door so I took the time to go open both doors for her so she could easily maneuver out.
9. I baked some yummy Red Velvet cupcakes for the teachers at Zeke's daycare.
10. I packed up bags of assorted treats & hung them on all my neighbors mailboxes.
11. Missed today.
12. I paid for the person in line behind me at McDonalds.
13. Zeke & I brought 2 poinsettias to a nursing home and gave them to two ladies who were living there.
14. I practiced being a much more polite driver. (Maybe if I tried this more often I would eventually become a much more polite driver.)
15. I donated money to Toys for Tots when I was asked while checking out @ ToysRUS.
16. I made my mailman a containers of goodies & left them in the mailbox.
17. Missed.
18. Missed.
19. I baked some extremely delicious cookies & brought them to work for my coworkers to enjoy.
20. I gave a $10 off $10 purchase coupon to a random lady at JCPenney's.
21. Missed.
22. I played coupon fairy at Target. (Coupon fairy means I placed coupons underneath toys/apparel/groceries that someone could use if they were buying that item.)
23. Since I'm at Target quite often, I saw a lady looking at some sweaters & gave her a $4 off sweater coupon to use towards her purchase.
24. The last day and guess what? I missed it. Shame on me.

So there you have it. I was disappointed that I didn't quite meet my everyday goal but next year I will try even harder. I think with a being a mom, having a almost full time job, & running a photography business that I may have a decent reason for not being perfect. ;)

So, now that Christmas is over tell me some of the things you did during the Christmas season to brighten someone's day. :)


  1. Jessica,
    You did an awesome job!!! I didn't keep track every day as you did and I missed a LOT more days than you. And I haven't finished one yet...lol!! I know, I know, I am a procrastinator!!
    I gave the lady at Smart Cuts a nice tip for cutting my hair one day and one day, I was nice and let someone go ahead of me in traffic. I took the initiative to buy a Christmas present for a lady who works for the same company I do and she was very excited because we don't usually exchange gifts. I made a treat bag for my boss who was traveling to Oklahoma for Christmas and a few other things.
    You are such an inspiration to me...it is so so so refreshing to see a young lady like you that is so dedicated to her husband, her son, and her family. It is wonderful having you as a neighbor and friend. God Bless you and keep up all the good work!!! Judi B

  2. This is awesome! You rocked 24 days of kindness like a champ! I am so happy you invited us all into to this amazing month of kindness...it really did change the way my family thought about Christmas. My kids learned so much and so did I...this time last year, I was still worried "did I get everyone enough??" this year I know that the kindness that we passed on to others was so much more important than the "things" I could have bought for my kids. I am so proud of you, and I know, having been on the other side of a few acts of random kindness, it changes someone's entire day :) Thank you, thank you for being such a blessing in my life!


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