Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Christmas was wonderful. Overwhelming...but wonderful. There were so many places we went to spend time with our families that I just didn't keep up with pictures. I did however get some Christmas Eve/Christmas morning...

See our ornament-less tree? Curious & destructive little boys & ornaments just don't mix. ... Christmas started Friday evening for us so by the time Christmas Eve night came most presents were car loaded to bring to different family gatherings on Christmas so even under the tree is pretty bare.

This candle was one of my favorite presents. My sweet niece Natalee picked this out all by herself for me because "Auntie likes pretty candles." :) I currently have it displayed in my kitchen. (I also loved loved loved my other presents as well...this one just had some serious toddler genuine thought put into it.)

Zeke of course was overwhelmed with presents. By the time Monday came, I had to open most his presents for him. I do believe the drumset I regrettably  bought is his favorite. This kid loves music.

Slightly off topic but aside from music, he also loves being unclothed as frequently as possible. We've mastered removal of the diaper.

AND a milestone:

A big boy bed. This is the last of the "baby" to big boy milestones. One of those bittersweet moments. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, & merry Christmas. :)

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