Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The resolutions I made for this year are mostly nothing I will be able to cross off quickly but here's how I am keeping up so far:

  • Become more "balanced". With baby, a husband, a house, a full time job, & owning  photography business - life get's a little hectic. I will become better scheduled, better organized, spend more time with Zeke, & make dinner more often. (This is likely my most important resolution.)
    • So far, so good. I have been making more dinner & have discovered that cooking the night before allows dinner to be ready on hand the next day after we get home & my squealing toddler is ready to eat now. I've also been doing better at a more streamlined daily cleaning "routine", making some time in the few hours between getting home & bedtime to spend one-on-one with Zeke, & dedicating some me time. I still need to learn how to be a little more efficient at everything so I can get to bed at a more decent hour (not 12-1 a.m.)
    • I've also realized that this is the natural season in my life to be "busy" & that I feel like I am where God wants me to be. This one realization has reduced the amount of stress I feel about daily things & has brought some additional joy into my life. Always a good thing :)
    • I have organized Zeke's closet, my closet, the linen closet, the utility closet, the bathroom cabinets/drawers, & the kitchen cabinets/drawers. Hopefully I'll take utilize resolution #2 to take some pictures of said organization.
  • Take more pictures (not only professionally, but especially personally)
    • Eh, I did remember to get a replacement memory card for my phone. But it's early in the year so there isn't much progress to be made yet.
  •  Lose 30 lbs. (Yea, I know. Everyone has the same resolution year after year. I've lost 45, now I just need to lose the last 30 and I'll be one happy chick.)
    • I haven't lost a pound. I did however start a new diet today that I feel confident about sticking to. Goodbye muffin top.
  • Practice a healthier lifestyle. (Among these things - finally quitting smoking hopefully, eating less processed foods, trying more natural foods & products.) 
    • No, I haven't quit smoking. Yes, I know I need to. And yes, I know it will likely kill me one day if I don't. I have been trying to cook with more fresh veggies, buy more "organic" foods, & eat more wheat products. I look forward to taking advantage of my local farmer's market this spring/summer.

  • Make a serious tackle down on paying off our "debt"....pay off everything except our mortgage. (Of course, this requires a lot of actual work for Noah but I know he's on board with me.)
    • This is definitely a year goal. We actually started this mid-last year but have made great progress so far. :D Dave Ramsey is a smart man & more people should listen to him. The downside of it is that we have to sacrifice a lot of family time since Noah is working his butt off for us. In the end, it will be worth it.
 Nathan must have made a resolution to have the tooth fairy make the most trips to his house this year, he's already lost two teeth!

 So how about you? How are your resolutions/goals going?

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