Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Small Fix.

My newest project (in whatever other spare time I manage that I'm not using for a million other things) is helping my sister decorate & organize her home. She rents a house so there is limited things we can do as far as decorating. Last night we spent a couple hours doing various things and one of the things we worked on was her hallway. See the end of her hallway has the thermostat all awkwardly placed:

Actually, now that I look you can't tell it's awkwardly placed because I zoomed in but it's not centered...it's like off the the side. Last minute idea + no camera + low lighting = terrible quality cell phone picture.

Anyyyyyywho, I remembered that I had brought a little brown shelf I scored at Goodwill last week for .97 cents. I also remembered that I had brought black spray paint. I also remembered looking at small picture she hadn't had a change to hang yet. I was remembering a lot.

Again, I apologize for the horrid resolution. I have a terrible habit of night crafting/decorating in dim areas it seems. I have a list of pictures to retake during the day with my handy dandy DSLR. Big improvement, no? It was a small accomplishment but it made a huge difference.

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  1. I really like this idea! I've wondered about trying to hide my thermostat, too.


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