Monday, February 20, 2012

Mommy Playdate.

I have not only a pretty awesome sister but two pretty awesome sister-in-laws, too. It's nice to have those kind of people in your life. They don't judge me when I act a fool in public, when I roll my eyes at my kid, when I get us lost driving anywhere farther than 15 miles from home (mostly that's just Charlene and she's equally directionally challenged), when I act like a kid myself, when I don't clean my house, do my dishes, or shower or...well, you get it by now. I do love them.

I also enjoy taking outings with them to entertain the children. Sometimes they are kid playdates...though many times they double as Mommy playdates.

Example: This past Saturday, Charlene & I took the kid's (5 of them) to Hands on Museum. (If you've never been to Hand's On, you should go. I loved it when I was a kid & apparently, I still do.)

I apologize for the closed eyes picture, Charlene. That blended reflection thing was too weird to skip.

Don't worry. We we're mostly watching our children. We didn't hog all the playtime...they actually got to play, too. See...

We'll be heading to see the Fresh Beat Band in April. So when you see a blonde, a red head, & three kids dancing like monkeys on the balcony - stop by and say hi. We don't bite. (Zeke might though...)   

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  1. hahaha I love this...I'm glad I have a sister in law to make all of these memories with ;)


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