Monday, February 20, 2012

To Do List (cringe).

I sat down last night & started thinking about my "to-do" list of things I want to accomplish at some point in the near future. Not things like 'clean the kitchen, wash the rugs' but things like 'paint my bathroom cabinets.'

It's long.

I have a table of pending crafts, a few lamp remodels for mine & sister's houses, a light cover to attempt, several empty wine bottles for various Pinterest pin's I've seen, a sign for our front door, a decrepit wooden bench to stain & seal. Of course, you might cringe if you saw my office/craft huge chunk of space is currently dominated by Zeke's crib that I need to find a temporary home for until we grace Zeke with a sibling. I even have a sewing machine from my grandmother that I've had for about a year now & haven't sat down to figure out how to use it even once.

Past that....I want to paint our bathroom cabinets. And our bathroom. Currently, our bathroom is sporting a nice single coat of cream colored paint over the previous baby blue. It's been that way for about 9 months. Speaking of painting, I want to repaint Nathan's & our bedrooms (which I'll probably hire someone to do, frankly, I'm sick of room painting.) Plus, I still haven't painted the one tiny quarter wall of paneling that our entertainment center used to hide.

Beyond paint, the state of my landscape & general outdoor curb appeal currently just looks pitiful. My Christmas wreath? Yea, I tossed it on the ground over the porch on December 27th. It's still there big red bow & all. Plus, I want to build a paver patio & expand the landscape. We have too much grass to mow & not enough areas to entertain.

We remodeled our laundry room some a couple years ago but I want to overhaul the rest of it. Install some cabinetry if I ever find some super cheap or free, find a nice piece of furniture to remodel for a laundry table, hang some rods/shelving for a hanging space. It would be nice if I got Noah to build me an laundry line for drying outside, too.

I think I'll just stop now.

Oddly enough, now that I've typed this all out. I feel a little better.

I suppose this isn't my usual type of post. I ramble more in person than I do in writing. Anyways, here's to emptying another wine bottle to add to the table while I decide what to tackle first. ;)

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  1. Doesn't it always feel better to get the list out of the way? Now you have your goals and you can do them in your own time!


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