Tuesday, March 6, 2012

long weekend love.

Before our spring season hits at the dayjob, I'm enjoying the ability to take most Saturdays off work. It's nice after a week of work to stay at home with Zeke & relax and not have to really worry about going anywhere or doing anything.

This weekend was filled with the usual. We played around the house, we had a (as usual hectic) lunch date for Tori's 3rd birthday, went to church, & ate slightly burnt heart shaped pancakes on styrofoam plates.

It was cold this weekend; unlike the recent spring-like 60-70 degree weather we've had lately. It snowed, too but worthless snow. You know, the kind that isn't even enough to play in so really it's just a cold nuisance? A good weekend to have Charlene over & make hot cheesy bean dip & mini banana splits.

Unfortunately, I have to work this Saturday but that also means I got Monday off. I had elaborate plans for that day with the amazing things I could accomplish child-free for an entire morning & afternoon. By the end of the day, I was going to be queen of craft project finishing & house cleaning.

I took a 4 hour nap, a bath, watched 2 episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, and started a new book.

I'm actually glad that happened. A Mommy "mental health" day seemed to be just what I needed. I swear the birds chirped louder, the sun shone brighter, & my hair looked better this morning.

Hoping you guys enjoyed a lovely weekend as well. :)

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