Monday, March 12, 2012

Mercury Glass Look Lamp ... (and vase!

Yesterday was goooooorgeous. I mean, 70 degrees & sunny all day...warm enough in the morning to go on the porch without having to wear my giant hot pink housecoat. Score.
That also meant I was A: off work and B: able to go outside to finish up the mercury glass look lamp I've been wanting to try. Can I get an amen!?

No complicated tutorial here. (Technically I think your supposed to use this on glass but we'll get to that, too in a minute.) Start with one thrift store $6 brass lamp....

 What can I say? I like her shape.

I wiped down the lamp, let it dry, covered the cord & probably sprayed about 5-6 light coats of Krylon Looking Glass Mirror like spray paint over the surface. Yup, that's it. I then used some fabric to cover a plain black faux leather shade I had.

It didn't give it quite the mercury glass look that I thought it would but that's because it really works the best with glass & spraying from the INSIDE of the object so since I had some spray paint leftover I decided to try it out on glass as well. I dug a clear glass vase from under the cabinet & gave it a spray over as well. 

It will go well with my soon to be spring & summer cut flower arrangements that I look forward to every year.

FYI: Mercury glass lamps are pretty ridiculously stupidly expensive so I am totally thrilled with my knockoff. Happy crafter & home decorator here! :D 

(I would have loved to link back to the original blog where I found the lamp tutorial but it's been several months & I have forgotten who to credit the idea to.)


  1. Have you tried spraying your "mercury glass" with half water and half vinegar? It gives an aged patina. I like the lamp. NOW, upcycle the shade and create a "new shade" from the old one. I can't wait to see what you come up with "artsy fartsy" :)

  2. Loooove the lamp! Very happy that I finally found someone who used Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint over brass. I want to spray paint my Conair brass vanity mirror as it doesn't match our silver hardware decor. I bought the mirror years ago before silver hardware mirrors were widely sold, so I'm happy that I can upcycle this mirror instead of purchasing a new one. How long did it take for the paint to fully dry? Did you prime it down with anything? I've read that using a 50/50 of water and white vinger helps the spray paint adhere better, but I know how results DIY instructions can vary.

    1. Yes, MUCH cheaper to upcycle instead of buying a new one!

      It didn't take very long for the paint to dry. I did 3 or 4 really light coats & let it dry outside in the sun probably for about 15-20 minutes each coat. I didn't get any drips or smudges. I cleaned the lamp but did not prime it before...I worried it would affect how the Looking Glass paint looked once applied. I'm not sure about the water/vinegar mixture to help adhere - I know I've done that before to give it a little "distressing" which removed the paint slightly but not the opposite way.

      If you ever refinish it, I'd love to see it!


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