Monday, April 9, 2012


Yesterday was stellar. What else can I say? How about I don't and I mostly just show.

It was a day to celebrate the sweet defeat of death by my Jesus. A day to celebrate with family & remember the reason for Easter.

 A day where my husband sacrificed an entire day of sleep to attend church & spend the day with family.

A day where the sun was shining & I had the most handsome little boy on the whole planet.

A day to get to appreciate just so much how I am glad that Zeke has such a loving, caring great-grandmother. (I admire that woman.)

A day to spend some time with my favorite father. O wait...I suppose he's my only father.

Extreme squishy face hug
Yesterday I seemed extra happy inside...except for that 20 minute period where I refused to get out of bed & snapped at Noah for letting my really annoying alarm clock go off over and over. Yea, I'm kinda not a morning person.

I'm finding myself in a content phase of life while I'm also finding myself in this constantly busy phase of life as well. It's an odd combination; mostly I feel so enthused, so in-the-right-place-, so at home with the things in my life, ready to tackle life head on but somedays I feel so behind, anxious, and unable. You know comes with life. I must remember that no matter how I feel, as long as I appreciate each day that I am given, I'm on the right track. I'm not going to be a perfect (or even almost perfect) follower of Christ, parent, wife, sister, friend etc.

A perfect thought for the past Easter weekend because God knew I would never be perfect, he knew my flaws would be vast, he knew I could never love him enough and still yet he sent his Son to die for me so I could be more, hope more, and have a reason to strive to be more.I couldn't be more thankful.

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