Monday, April 2, 2012


It's a new month. It's a new season. It's spring. (The beginning of spring makes me all first-boyfriend-ever giddy inside.) Spring is fresh. Fresh growth, fresh air, fresh look on life after the bleary winter.

I inherited his trait from my father where I commit & plan & think I can do all these things that I actually don't have time for BUT I did manage to get a few things accomplished this weekend that I'll be blogging about soon...hopefully. ;)

Here's the best parts of last week...

  1. Once again realizing how cute Zeke is when he is sleeping.
2. Getting lost (again) with my sister in law
3. Feeding the ducks
4. Snuggling
5. Buying a lamp at the Salvation Army for $20 and then finding it at Lowes for $180. Scoooore.
6. Date night: Losing @ Putt-Putt

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