Monday, April 16, 2012


We had a weekend of fun & firsts. The hubs was working and I had the weekend off which left Zeke & I plenty of time to spend together which was lovely (despite a couple massive public tantrum meltdowns.)

We took to the parking lot carnival after work. After we all rode some rides, we stuffed ourselves full of completely fried carnival food.
Blurry carousel picture before Zeke freaked out a little. (Little = frantically trying to climb off the horse while clinging to me.)

First: Ferris Wheel.
A doughnut burger. Yes, a cheeseburger in-between a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Surprisingly delicious. Yes, we split it three ways. It has to be one of the unhealthiest things ever created. We might or might have not topped it off with fried Oreos & Snickers.

The much awaited Fresh Beat Band concert. A day anticipated more by me than Zeke (who honestly was oblivious until they hit the stage) because I was so excited to see how excited he was.

First: concert.
I am inserting a video here to show the short short clip of his mad baby dancing skills. He really enjoyed it. Heck, I enjoyed it, too! (Minus one previously mentioned massive public tantrum meltdown during intermission becauseI wouldn't let him climb up the plexiglass barrier separating the balcony and the 20 foot drop to the floor. It's a hard life being a kid.)

I would like to make an important note that Charlene & I did NOT get lost on our way there or on our way back. This is a first, people. 
We get lost

After normal things like church and a nap, we took to the fenced in giant soccer field great outdoors for a picnic with Charlene while our kids ran around, played with bubbles, and dragged the poor dog around on his leash.

I giggled when I realize it looks like the bubble gun is floating by itself.
After Zeke got to bed last night, I made the time to enjoy a long hot bath & started a book. Once I crawled my exhausted self into bed, I realized that I was exhausted but at the same time fulfilled. I wasn't exhausted because I worked all weekend or cleaned the house all weekend or ran errands...I was exhausted because I spent the weekend on Zeke's level and just enjoyed myself. I was exhausted from carnival rides, and dancing, and playing.

That type of exhaustion is worth it.

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