Monday, April 23, 2012

Weight Loss Monday

Yea, I should be ashamed. My last post was months ago.

It was about the same time I got overwhelmed, quit going to Zumba/excercising, and stopped being so careful about what I ate. The results? I gained 10 of the 15 lbs I lost back.

Frustrating. I tried the 17 Day Diet. Your supposed to lose like 10-12 lbs alone the first 17 days. 9 days into it, I discovered I had actually gained a pound. Really frustrating.

BUT, back in January,  I resolved to live a healthier lifestyle and after a wonderfully encouraging MOPS group speaker on clean & healthy eating I've been sticking to a much healthier lifestyle of food choices the last few months. (Not just me, Noah & Zeke, too.)

You've probably heard about the clean eating get-up so I don't think I really  need to get into it but here are the main changes I've done:
  • I've been buying much much less processed foods. Next time you go grocery shopping, just read the labels of the things your buying. I'm trying to completely eliminate high fructose corn syrup out of my diet; it's in like everything.
  • No more Seldom do we have white bread & pasta; we've switched to wheat and whole grain pasta. 
  • Lots more fresh fruits & veggies. I'm also trying to incorporate veggies into as many meals as possible. Spinach is the flavor of the month at our house.
  • Pretty much no juice. I checked out our local grocery store the other day and noticed the "nutritional value" ratings the juice had on a scale from 1-100. It was a 1. The sugar content is ridiculous.
  • I cook a lot more and bring leftovers to work and eat out for lunch a lot less. When I do need to eat lunch on the go at work, I go to Subway. Turkey, spinach, lettuce, cheese, mayo on wheat is where it's at.
  • To keep the budget as low as possible: I try to limit my organics to what I feel is most important. Meats, butters, milk, and the dirty dozen fruits/veggies.
  • I'm not a huge chip eater but Sunchips, Kettle brand chips, and Blue Corn tortilla chips (preferably with flax seed) are what I've been buying. Zeke's snack foods have been altered to raisins, several of the "Annie's" brand commonly for cheese crackers, graham crackers, & fruit snacks.
I feel better. I have more energy despite my constant serious sleep deficit. My face has cleared up (though I have no idea if that has anything to do with it). I look less bloated by the end of the day. I look less bloated in general actually.

I've got back into Zumba the 2-3 months again after my winter hiatus and I have slowly discovered that I actually love exercise. It seems to be the best natural stress reliever for me and the evenings that are warm, I head up to the local park for a walk with Zeke which also gives us some nice time to spend together after a day at work & daycare.

I don't want to play the blame game put all my weight gain/struggles with weight loss on my PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) because I'm the one who actual consumes the food I do but in all reality, it's a huge part of it. I did go back to the doctor and get back on my Metformin to help with the remainder of my weight loss. I took it before I got pregnant with Zeke and went from 235 to 205 in 5 months...anything after that has been not going anywhere slow going.

Tonight at Zumba, I have my final weigh in for the Biggest Loser competion we are doing. My half point weigh-in showed no weight loss, which was just a little frustrating because I know that means it's unlikely I will be the leader of weight loss and $350 richer this coming Thursday. BUT, I have tried hard and my sister insists that my shape is looking mucho sexy lately and I need to quit worrying about the numbers so much.

Until next week (if I don't forget...)

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  1. I love all the things you are doing to be healthy. We are doing that in our house too! No pre-packaged snacks or fruit snacks for this family. I am so proud of all the hard work you have been doing. Oh and I love zumba too! it is so fun! Thanks so much for linking up to Blogger NOT on a Diet on Blissful and Domestic. Your tips this week have given me so many great ideas. Thanks!

    Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic


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