Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jewlery Holder

This is a quickie...one of those "hey, I want to do something with this". I remembered an idea I had seen on Pinterest for a Jewlery/Necklace Holder out of a cutlery organizer and conveniently, I had:
  •   a wooden cutlery organizer
  • exactly enough spare knobs from various previous projects
  • and some modge podge & scrapbook paper
I have no before pictures. When I say this was a quickie, it literally took me like 20 minutes and was so random I didn't even think to take pictures until a couple weeks later. I just modge podged the scrapbook paper to the back, ran an uneven coat of white spray paint over the sides, and super glued (yes, super glued) the random knobs and pull onto it.

Little fuzzy: sorry.

Please ignore the bright green wall. See, this used to be Nathan's room but I had to take home redecorating to a new level and trade rooms with him. (It doesn't have the bathroom but it has bigger closets & an extra 3 ft of space.) This just means that now I'm in the midst of staring at my paint cans a bedroom overhaul.

Anywho, my big miff with this is that it's too short for my necklaces. I don't really care currently because it's better than hanging them from my closet doorknob. :D

Now, if I could just get a sudden whim to cover that green paint....

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