Thursday, May 31, 2012


Ever have one of the memories from a long time ago that just embeds itself into your memory? Example:
  • The time I stepped on a rake to see the little flying birds & stars when it whacked me in the head like the cartoons did or the time I dropped a bouncy ball down the vent in a house my parent's were looking at.(Obviously all it did was knock me out.)
  • The time I dropped a bouncy ball into the vent of a new house my parent's were looking at. I took my sister outside in the yard and cried because I thought the house was going to blow up and kill them all but I was too scared to tell them because I didn't want to get grounded. (Obviously my priorities were a little off.)
  • The ER nurse tricking me into drinking some Pepsi laced with something to make me sleep so I could calmly receive stitches. (Obviously it didn't work because I still remember it.)
  • Spending a weekend by myself with my Dad & pretending I had a magical finger that made elevator doors open at my command. (Obviously I was under delusions of grandeur)
Here is one of my favorites:
  • Probably about 10-11 years ago (before we started dating), Noah & I were sitting on my Dad's front porch just hanging out and talking about whatever the heck it was we talked about back then and he said "You know, I'm going to marry you one day." It might be because I was giving him a scalp massage or it might have been typical male hormones but obviously he was right.
i am thankful to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary today.

**Side Note: I should probably mention that my response at the time was "*giggle* That would be weeeird." Yea, not very romantic was I? Who cares...we're totally cute now, right?!

Actually, seeing this makes me feel a little old but that's ok cause aging is good in my book. Noah's tube socks though? Not as good in my book...luckily, he's grown out of that phase.

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  1. So sweet! I remember that young Jess! Happy Anniversary and I love you and I love that you and Noah are happy!

  2. This is so sweet. I love all your memories, especially about the nurse who tried to dupe you into drinking soda to sleep. Maybe the caffeine in the soda was the problem as to why you still remember?? Congratulations, on your 6 years. That's so awesome. Happy to be your newest follower here.

  3. Amanda will die when she sees that picture haha.


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