Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weight Loss Monday...er Tuesday.

What is your favorite healthy treat this week?
Green smoothies. I started making them a little over a week ago and I am enjoying it as a way to get a lot of my fruit & veggie servings in one go. My favorite so far is:
1 banana
1 handful or so of spinach
1 cup pineapple
splash of orange juice
4-5 baby carrots

What is your favorite workout song this week?
Um, I don't have one. But I have been belting out some Spice Girls in the car ;)

What is your favorite Work out move this week?
I'm pretty much a Zumba fan so I can't say I have a specific move. I'm also working up my jogging/running tolerance and find that I'm actual enjoying that as well.

What is your favorite healthy snack this week?
Apples..specifically the "Jazz" variety. Yum, yum!

What is this weeks bragging moment?
Technically, this was the week before BUT I had to get a new driver's license from the DMV. The last one I had was back in 2009 and I wanted a new picture. Once I got the new one, I saw what such a huge difference the 40 lbs. I have lost have made.

I look younger and happier and skinnier. Win.
Blogger NOT on a diet high/low this week?
LOW: Um, I haven't exercised in a week. I've been to busy & haven't really made the time like I should have.
HIGH: I weighed myself and finally lost about 5 lbs.

What is your Blogger NOT on a diet tip/thought for this week?
Don't focus so much on food & work with smaller portion sizes. I've found that I can eat a lot less than I thought I actually needed to be full on my lunch breaks @ work.

Slow & steady wins the race!

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