Friday, June 8, 2012


Our very very first home project involved installing a deadbolt on the front door. Had we ever done it before? No. Did we look up how to do it? No. Needless to say, for the last 5 years we have lived with a mutilated front door. We cut the hole to big, had to fill in, had to paint over it - it was a hot, ugly mess. I knew that *eventually* we would replace the door because there was no fixing it.

Finally, a few months ago, I went door is probably an overrated term because it took less than 15 minutes to pick one. I had a max price I wanted to spend and either the doors were really basic for really cheap or prettier for at least $500 or there was the pretty clearance door with the lovely oval window that was in the perfect price range. I could have ordered it painted for a whopping extra like $200 but I thought that was ridiculous so I went to Sherwin Williams to hunt for paint.

First off, I didn't want red. No offense to you red door people but there are a lot of red doors lately and I'm more of a muted color type gal. I picked four that I felt would go well with the siding of our house & got some of my friend's opinions.
  • Color 1: 6
  • Color 2: 4
  • Color 3: 6
  • Color 4: 3
Really, it was too close and I had been leaning towards the purple anyways. It's "Grapey" at Sherwin Williams.

 I'll remember to take a better "whole" picture later that isn't titled at an odd angle. I just need a chair and I was snapping these before work this morning.

Painting the door was actually very easy...the typical "white" doors come in is a primer so I applied 3 coats to the door and probably spent about an hourish total. Noah got it hung last night & the new locks installed. (I love that man.)

Fyi: I did leave the opposite side white to better match the interior of the house.

Oh, and I love our new door. :)

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