Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Laundry Room pt. 2

I wish I had more original names for posts but I don't so you'll have to accept my complete obvious titles.

Our laundry room started out like this...

Then we did a little remodeling..laid some floor, slapped on some paint.

It was progress but still I felt it was lacking and cluttered. I really hated that giant plastic shelving unit. Garage? Sure. Laundry room? No. I also disliked the cords, the jumbled black shelf, the tacked up no-creeper-peeper sheet, the paint cans and that I ever have laundry to do.

So, we said goodbye to the plastic shelving (Goodbye = it's disassembled and sitting in the adjoining room with the new front door we have yet to install.)

Things we Did

  • Noah put up some much more attractive cherry wood shelves (and might I mention they are very level and very well installed. I love it when he does home projects with me.)
  • We tossed stuff, we reduced stuff, we de-cluttered stuff.
  • Installed a cafe rod ($5) & new curtain ($8 clearance) to replace the tacked up sheet.
  • Used the old curtain that used to be "hiding"
It only took us a few hours on two different nights. When I say we, I mean Noah mostly because he did all the shelving and when he does something; he does it perfect. I can live with that trait.

Things I Need to Do
  • Cut & Hem the curtain down to fit flush with the ledge. The curtain is actually prettier than it looks in the picture but it looks like a solid blob here.
  • Get one more canvas bin for the top corner. 
  • Finish up the few projects to remove the rest of the clutter on the shelves. 
  • Hang the pictures just sitting on the tall shelf.
I realize that the blue walls don't really "go" but for some reason I just like that color. It makes me think of the get over it. :)

Let's look back on the laundry room progress:

 It's not quite "there" for me but it's coming along. What do you think?

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