Sunday, June 24, 2012

Necklace Holder/Shelf

I should really thank the owner of the thrift store that I snagged several of the items for our room from. I found this piece there and put it back at least twice but ended up buying it anyways.

(It had all three handles when I bought it. This picture was taken after I took them off.) It has sat in my mess of a craft/project room for several months while I ignored it but then I made this jewelry holder and as cute as it was; it was very unpractical. Too short for all my necklaces/everything got tangled/too hard to get stuff from the back that I wanted to wear. After a coat of paint for the wood and handles & some new sawtooth hangers in the back; this baby was as good as new and now serves as a wonderful necklace hanger and place to put my other jewlery.

A couple funny stories about this:

  • The mirror I already had on hand. It was an $8 clearance find at Target last year marked down from $50 because it had a small gash on top. It was white; then I painted it yellow; then I painted it purple; now it's white again. And the frogs legs cleverly cover a purple spot on the mirror where I got spray paint happy.
  • Notice my reflection in the mirror? I always hang everything crooked; it's a curse. I was so excited that this was level the first time. THEN I realized that I hung it all too high. Oops. 
I'm growing fond of these before & afters...

Besides all that, I am just so.extremely.excited about the different projects coming together in our bedroom.:D 


  1. This turned out terrific! It looks beautiful and i love it with the mirror,

  2. I love what a little paint and sprucing up can do to a thrifty find! Now I just need one of those shelves ...


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