Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paint Can Organization

Ok, so this organizational project probably made me the happiest of the ones I've completed. Actually, the only thing I've been more happy with is my closet. (I intend on putting together a few posts of different organizational tips/tricks/methods I've applied eventually.)

We've been through a lot of paint in our house. I have painted every room in the house once and most of the time twice. I ditched quite a few cans a couple years ago when we laid the floor in the laundry room but I still had over a dozen nasty, paint covered, half full & almost empty cans.

I don't have a perfect before picture of all my paint cans before because all this was happening while we were taking down giant plastic shelving and putting up nicer shelving but it will suffice.

Ok, so you see the mess so let's just bypass that and get on with it. Jumbled paint can mess becomes....

Um, I love it. 
Let me note here that as much as I wish this was my idea, it isn't. I got it here and she noted the original source would be here. The gal from the original source of this project even has labels she has provided that you can download yourself. (I just whipped up basics to go with the sticker template I already had setup.) You can find the paint cans at Lowe's for about $2.50 each.

A great way to keep up with paint for touchups on walls, furniture, or whatever it is you paint but without the jumbled bulk of paint cans not to mention a great excuse to sift through your paint cans to determine what should be kept or thrown away.

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