Thursday, August 16, 2012


I've been feeling quite adventurous this summer. Suddenly, I want to canoe and kayak and hike and to jump out of an airplane strapped to some stranger's back who I pray has packed the parachute right.

Try new things...see new places. Yea, motherhood. It's made me a little weird.

A few weeks ago, we tried hiking. In a thunderstorm. Oddly enough, the rain made it all the more exciting.

Me in all my Rambo-ness with my favorite only sister

Among this adventure, we found a side trail that led to a small waterfall. Our main goal was a much larger waterfall later on complete with a jump off the rocks. Note that I do not actually recommend doing this: there have been people who have died doing such; mostly from getting sucked into the waterfall shelf. I do not feel very wise in my choosing to do it. Peer get's us all.

Last week was hot beautiful so we gave canoeing a go. (Question: is "canoeing" actually a word?)

Feel free to hate on my sister a little for having a child & a body that nice. I do. Just a little.

What have you been doing this summer?

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