Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Storage Footstool.

This *might* be the worst before picture I've ever taken. Talk about not paying any attention...I last minute snapped this while Zeke decided to run naked to the bathtub (hence the sock in floor...)

A good picture wouldn't have done this little thing justice anyways. The underlying fabric really wasn't bad aside from being worn/ripped in a couple spots; the shiny ripped turquoise fabric whoever covered it in was hideous.

After multiple hours, one really bad movie (Melancholia, anyone?), lots of yanked out staples & a potential worry about tetanus...

I paid $3 for the original stool & ended up paying about $15 for the fabric. (I really, really liked this fabric. In fact, I went back and special ordered another half a yard for a delightful chair I got for $1.)

In other projects, our master bedroom is thisclose to being finished. I need to switch out the ceiling fan & find a new quilt.

I got lucky and was able to piece together this little behind to door area from several different thrift store trips. $9 suitcases & a $10 mirror.

You can ignore the mess behind me. Once I clean my room, I'll do a larger post with all the changes. :D

And today, if your left handed like me, Happy National Lefty Day!


  1. Ohhhh!! I love this fabric! You did such an awesome job with this makeover, lady!

  2. I love the fabric!! * I have old suitcases I've been waiting to do something with...great idea!!

  3. WOW. That is one heck of a transformation. The fabric is fabulous. I love the suitcase with the's pure perfection. And, where is this delightful chair??? I am impressed with all your frugal finds. You are a girl after my own heart.


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