Monday, September 10, 2012

Daytrip - World's Fair Park

My friend Charlene & I like to go on day trips. We don't have "a lot" of stuff to do in our local area that we haven't already done 100 times so we try new places. I seriously love our little day trips with the kid's; for multiple reasons...

A. It never fails that we get lost. And she never yells at me about it. In fact, we rather relish the conversations that the opportunity of getting lost brings.
B. Our kid's can act like total psycho's but we can ignore it better when we are together.
C. When we can't ignore it any longer & the kid's are still being miniature terrorists; if  one of us raises our voice disciplines the kid's, there is no judgement there.
D. The wonderfulness of getting that one-on-one catch up time gives us a sense of relaxation & gives us more energy to play with the kid's if we ever once we reach our final destination.

Last Sunday, we headed out to World's Fair Park. It's slightly funny that we took all the time to drive there because we could have done almost the same thing in the comfort of our city but hey....we like adventure. ;)

Mainly, there is a circle of big water geysers that the kid's can run in and out of. This right here is the main reason we went.

Zeke wanted no part of it so he did a lot of sitting in the grass & looking cute while my niece & nephew played.

Even Charlene & I got in despite our clothing. (It was a lot hotter outside than we thought it would be!)

After some playground & a rainstorm, the day ended even better when a relative called who doesn't live far away from there & invited us over for homemade pizza with their family.

Things like this make me happy & remind me that no matter the struggles I face; life IS good.

O yea....remind me to please share with you the picture of Charlene & I in the clothes the 8 & 12 year old girls let us borrow so we could get out of our wet ones. It's good, people.

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  1. such great pictures :) looks like a great time! thanks for stopping by. following back now!


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