Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Color (review)

It's no secret...I dye my hair. I've actually dyed my hair since I was 13 (it all started with some harmless sun-in that turned my hair orange.) 

It's also no secret that dye can be hard on your hair. The new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color is actually much easier on your hair since it is ammonia free & slowly washes out in around 28 shampoos. 
 This would be a great choice for someone coloring their hair for the first time or even someone who doesn't like bold change but would enjoy some enhancement to their current color. If your like me, then you like to try new colors. I've been a brunette, a blond, multi-colored, a redhead...pretty much every shade. I tend to stick with red so I chose Dark Warm Brown to try out; not as red as I usually like it but that's the point - it's temporary if I decide I want something different.

Let me tell you, I really needed to color. See? Washed out like crazy, people.

It was simple to mix & apply. One bottle into another, shake thoroughly, apply beginning at roots, wait 10 minutes, apply to the rest of your hair, wait 5 minutes, rinse & condition.

Now my hair color breathes new life...not as red as I usually like it but it's a fun temporary change.

*Please note: I received a free product from Vocalpoint in exchange for writing an honest review on the new Nice & Easy Non-Permanent Hair Color. The opinions are still 100% mine.**

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