Monday, September 17, 2012

The Hidden Jesus Frames.

I'm kind of flitting from room to room lately with various projects. I keep waiting to say I've finished up our master bedroom but I still am looking for the perfect quilt/comforter. Do you know how hard that is? Those things are expensive, too. Sheesh.

The bathroom has been an on-going project for a couple months & this weekend I got around to finishing up some frames I wanted to change up to add some color & character to the bathroom.

I'm using ivory with blue & pink/coral accents in the bathroom. These frame sizes were awkward for actual photos & I had some leftover fabric from my footstool ottoman that was perfect since it has all the colors from the bathroom in it...I love happy coincidences.

I call them "The Hidden Jesus Frames" because when I bought them (for a whopping 25 cents each) they had these little paintings inside.

I gave each frame a couple coats of craft paint & a little translucent iridescent glaze then simply wrapped the fabric around my little Jesus paintings.

It's cool. I mean, it's like what I've learned about God in my faith journey...or even how I explain him to someone who says "How do you know God exists?" .... I'm 100% positive that He's there; even if I can't physically see Him.

So I've now up got a little God symbolism going on in my bathroom.

I did something similar with the other frame but incorporated the bathroom cabinet color & a different section of the fabric in that frame.

I'm pretty much finished with the bathroom makeover. Of course, I said that about my master bedroom weeks ago. Next week, you might find me in the kitchen again.

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