Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Am I Happy?

Ok people, I'm getting a little serious today. There is a reason my blog is titled Mish Mashed Mama - I like to blog about life; about little bit of everything.

 Through various circumstances in life recently, God's trying to teach me.. Problem is: I'm not a very good student at times so it's slow learning.

I was reading a blog post earlier today & the gal (actually, Esther from Lovingly Thrown Together who in no way has any clue that I'm writing this but I like reading her stuffs.) had posted this same quote.  Right then, it hit me. THIS is the biggest lesson He's trying to teach me....and boy, is it a hard one.

In my world of me, making myself temporarily happy with material things & relationships is so so so easy. I get happy over material stuff all the time - Sometimes I get giddy over something as simple as a few good thrift store finds. I base my happiness on relationships with others, on what stuff I have, how clean my house is, how easy my kid is to manage. When I'm unhappy, I think "I would be so much happier if I had (fill in the blank.)"

I'm ashamed to say that the number of days I get out of bed and truly just praise God for giving me this day or even just praise Him for his unfailing-ness is probably 1 out of every 100....or less. How often do I get giddy over God? Maybe a little more but still - not enough.

Don't get me wrong - some of the things above can make us feel happy. There is nothing wrong with that. The question I ask myself is: What if these things, relationships, etc. were gone? What would that leave me with? Am I basing my happiness on the right thing?

Everything on this Earth is fleeting, temporary, can be lost in a moment. O, how I want to find true happiness in the one thing that will always be constant - permanent joy in the permanent God. A joy not just on this earth but a joy that will last an eternity.

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