Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up & Pinterest Advice

A completely pointless weekend wrap-up represented by very poor quality cell phone pictures and followed up by Pinterest fails...

We took a trip to the library. Seriously, why have I never taken Zeke to the library?! There was lots of stuff we could do and it's FREE.

Natalee came over for a sleepover & we painted pumpkins. I tried to carve the Star Wars logo into a pumpkin & broke it. Zeke bored of it within 10 minutes & decided Spongebob was better. Natalee, she's my crafty gal.

Family reunion gathering = time with the bestest cousins. Notice how I stick out like a sore thumb; I inherited all my gene's from my mother while my Dad's side of the family is pretty much entirely blonde hair & blue eyed people.

I realize this post has no purpose thus far so I will throw something slightly useful in here:

I pinned both of these summer projects on my "Kid Stuff" board & randomly thought we'd give them a try last night.

Glow in the Dark Bubbles

Glow in the Dark Mtn.Dew paint
To put it bluntly: they don't work. The glow bubble container does glow just like that but the bubbles just don't show up. The Mtn. Dew? Well, I don't know what those people actually put in there but absolutely nothing happens..... Just saving you time & money, people. 

Now to find something productive to do....

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