Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Repurposed Old Wood Canvas Pictures

Since I assume that my younger cousin's do not use the internet enough to read my blog or know how to find it - I assume this is safe to post.

Abby, Emma: If you are reading this - you better stop!! ;)

Earlier this year on one of my thrift store trips, I found these urgly (yes, urgly) pictures & didn't pay very much for them. I knew they would work for some photo Christmas gifts when the time came & I was absolutely right.

I wanted to give my cousins (aka my peas in a pod) something personal that I made for them so I used pictures that I took of them earlier this year and decided to coordinate it to their individual bedrooms.

  • I painted the thick sides of the frames
  • I covered & trimmed each with some scrapbook paper and used Mod Podge to adhere it
  • I used the Mod Podge again to attach the pictures
  • I used Paper Glaze to coat the top & give it a glossy top coat
It was pretty simple & I'm glad I grabbed those canvases earlier this year...I really enjoy making presents for people. I've made a handful more presents but I can't post them until after Christmas because those people might actually read my blog.

My goal is to get everything created, bought, & wrapped before December starts so the countdown frenzy is on!



  1. Can't believe you didn't want to keep those the way they were - lol! Sometimes I can't get over the "art" I find at thrift stores, I can't believe that someone actually bought this stuff at one point. Anyway, your photo artwork turned out beautiful, what a sweet and special gift!

  2. In attempts to return the sweet comment you left on my Star Wars ornaments, I accidental stumbled upon your photography blog...you are AMAZINGLY talented. Each picture more beautiful than the next. Now I am here and I can see that not only are you a talented photographer but also a talented crafter. What sweet, personal gifts made from the heart.


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