Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

It's funny how aside from the daily ordinary, I can sum up some highlights of my year in one post. Here it is....

January: I learned that I'm not very good at making Cinnamon Rolls. but my sister is. I spent most of January organizing my house, hating the cold, & reading books on my new Kindle. January was relatively event less.

February: I cooked some new dishes...with my sister. This is my favorite. They were much better than my cinnamon rolls. I had a playdate with Charlene & the kids to cure the winter boredom. Sister & I ate a lot in February...We also decided to sponsor another child through Gospel for Asia. We currently sponsor 2 children from there & I enjoy writing & receiving letters from them.

March:  Spring starts giving me little peeks of it's wonderfulness in March so I
refurbished a lamp, marveled in some early spring wonder weather,  & highly anticipated spring by planting a few things & making a family plaque.

April: I celebrated Easter. Zeke went to his first parking lot carnival where he rode the Ferris Wheel and I ate a hamburger on a Krispy Kreme doughtnut. We saw the Fresh Beat Band and for the first time EVER - Charlene & I did not get lost on a road trip. <---major a="a" and="and" blessed="blessed" deal.="deal." even="even" get="get" god="god" href="" i="i" made="made" means="means" new="new" roof="roof" the="the" to="to" us="us" with="with">pallet herb garden
& "Stars in a Jar" from the frequent pins I kept seeing on Pinterest.

May: I turned 25 - prime of my life. Zeke turned two. Our marriage turned 6. My pallet herb garden began to flourish. We had the "supermoon" and for once - I got a clear picture.

June: I felt particularly energized in June. I worked on a bajillion projects for our bedroom, painted our front door purple, made a summer wreath, confessed to my sister that I hated her lamps & made her new ones. Natalee turned 5. We caught fireflies & stayed outside until dark.

July: We celebrated the 4th. I enjoyed the summer by hiking, canoeing, taking Zeke swimming. He loved swimming this summer. I didn't do a lot of anything outside of work that didn't involve being outside.

August: Nathan turned 6 & started first grade. Yikes. He's lost several teeth this year & I began to realize that the prime of my life is going to happen fast. I vowed to enjoy the outdoors more so we did a little more canoeing and I did more exercising.

September:  Life happened - it got all flipped upside down. I spent a lot of this month learning to find my peace in God. By far the worst month of the year but one that opened up the door for better things. I took a fun road trip with Charlene and we did get lost but it was a great day. I discovered that I am "that somebody."

October: Zeke was Superman for Halloween. He really hated his costume and I forgot to take a single picture. I officially accepted that the seasons had changed & it was fall. We had the most awesome Halloween costumes ever.

November: We took our annual family photos. It was a disaster but I realized that I love my family real. I finally figured out what to do about the fact that I wanted stockings but didn't have a mantle. We were thankful & enjoyed family time. I finished almost all my Christmas shopping.

December: I did 23 Acts of Kindness which probably ended up being more like 15 acts but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I set up a Reindeer Food Bar for the kid's to come make treats for the reindeer. I had a bad hair day. We celebrated the o-so-wonderful birth of our Savior and had a blessed Christmas with our families.

And now - it starts over. Hello, 2013!


  1. Those are AWESOME costumes!! Love it!

    1. Thanks! They took forever but it was so FUN! :)


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